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Mike Kostyn went to the Congo as part of the relief effort after the eruption of the Nyiragongo volcano. Copies of Mike Kostyn's Congo report are available in the shop in return for a donation. Read his story.

  •  Oxfam Lego Challenge 
  • Welcome to the start of Oxfam's LEGO challenge. We want our 
    customers/donors/anybody to help build Tower Bridge out of 
    LEGO in our bookshop window on  Marylebone High Street, 
    Central London, just a few miles from where the actual bridge stands.

    The idea is that for every 20p donated in our special LEGO 
    Donations Bucket, a brick will be placed on the set, and you 
    can see it grow in our window, or by checking on here!

    Or more excitingly, you can have the chance to win the
     whole set worth £210 by donating 50p and picking up a 
    raffle ticket at the till.

What's on
Hope - Tim Costello - Book Launch & Signing
Tuesday 16th October 7pm
Eyewear Seeing Double Book Launch
Wednesday October 10th 7pm
Poems For Children - CD
Thursday 9 October 2008
Life Lines 2 - Oxfam s Second Poetry CD
Life Lines - Oxfam's Poetry CD
More information
Previous Event
Alice Oswald & Peter Oswald - CANCELLED
Saturday December 2nd - 7pm
Mark Scott, Surprise Guests & Students from Kingston
Wednesday December 23rd - 7pm
Three Poets
Wednesday November 9 2011
Back To School with Five Poets
Wednesday October 12 2011
Bookfest: Sir Christopher Ricks reads his favourite poems
Tuesday July 12th: 7pm
Bookfest - Six Poets for Oxfam
Monday July 4th: 7pm
Spring Into Poetry (Part 2)
Wednesday 30th March 2011 7.30pm
Spring Into Poetry (Part 1)
Monday 14th March 2011 7.30pm
Spring Window Display
Next Book Club Meeting
New Year Window Display
Oxfam Christmas Poetry Reading
Wednesday December 1st 7.30pm
The London Launch of Modern Canadian Poets: An Anthology
Thursday November 18th, 6.30pm
London launch of The Bed Book of Short Stories: An Anthology of Southern African Womenís Writing
Wednesday, 17 November 2010 7pm
Oxfam Bookfest Readathon
Monday 5th July from 8am
Days of Roses
Tuesday 13th July 7pm
Christopher Reid & Guests
Thursday 8th July 7pm
Philip Gross & Young British Poets
Thursday May 27th 7pm
Poetry New York / London
Monday March 1st 7pm
Asking a Shadow to Dance - Launch Event
Thursday 17th December 7pm
Literary Treasure Hunt
Thursday 16th July 7pm
Paris on the Thames: Poetry Wine & Cheese 7pm
Tuesday July 14th 2009
Todd Swift in Conversation
Monday 13th July 6.30pm
David Aaronovitch & Paul Blezard
Friday 10th July 1pm
Literary Quiz Night
Thursday 9th July 7pm
Howard Jacobson & Rosie Boycott
Wednesday 8th July 6.30pm
Oxfam Bookfest Lauch: Press Day
Monday 6th July
East Meets West
Thursday April 23rd 7pm
The Manhattan Review
Thursday 5th March 2009
Hooray For Horovitz
Tuesday 27th January 2009
!!!CANCELLED!!! An Evening with Neil Halstead
Tuesday December 16th
Marylebone Food Demonstration & Tasting
Wednesday 3rd December 7pm
Oxfam Christmas Poetry Gala
Tuesday December 2nd : 7pm
Seaway: New & Selected - Todd Swift Book Launch
Tuesday, 4 November, 2008
Never Say Never Again - Oxfam Poetry 2008
Tuesday May 20th 2008
Poetry Finale - Last in the Series
Thurday 6th December 2007 7pm
Karl Ghattas - My Very First Poetry Book
Copies no longer available
Summer Poetry Reading
Tuesday May 29th 7pm
Food Writers for Oxfam
Thursday 17th May 2007
Spring Poetry Reading
March 29, 2007
Marylebone Cooks and Food Writers
Thursday February 22nd 7.15pm
Winter Poetry Reading
Thursday February 1st, 2007 7.30 pm
Cooks & Food Writers for Oxfam
Thursday November 30th 7pm
Life Lines: Six Poets for Oxfam
Tuesday November 28th, 2006 7.30 pm
Bloomsbury/Oxfam Two/Writers Series
Monday October 9th 7.30pm
Life Lines Poetry Reading
26th September 2006 7pm
Food Writers for Oxfam
Tuesday 20th June 7pm
Oxfam Summer Poetry Reading 2006
Thursday 27th July 7.00pm
May Poetry Reading 2006
Thursday 4th May 7pm
Seven Poets for Oxfam 2006
Winter reading

Tuesday, February 21, 7-10 pm
Cooks and Food Writers for Oxfam
Tuesday, January 10th, 7:00 pm
2005 Poetry Finale
Nov. 29th 2005
Poetry on the High street
August 10th, 2005
Oxfam Make Crime Pay Promotion
Feb 2005
William Fiennes
February 2005
The 2005 Poetry Series
Sushi Evening
String Quartet
April 23rd, 2004
Art Exhibition
April 22 - May 31, 2004
Poetry Festival 2004
Sponsored Walks
April 4th, 2004
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