Beginner’s Guide to Bad Credit Mobile Phones


You’ve researched operating systems and phone features. In fact, you’ve already chosen the phone that you want. You know exactly what you want and need and you know just the right phone to buy. Unfortunately, the phone’s price tag is pretty steep. Either you postpone buying it until you have enough money or you can apply for a phone contract and pay for the phone via instalments.


But there’s still yet another problem. If you have bad credit and you’re applying for a phone contract, then chance of approval is pretty low. Rejections are a likely possibility.

Fortunately, there are options such as bad credit mobile phones where approval is fast and your credit score doesn’t matter.

If you’re applying for a bad credit phone, this quick guide should help you make the right decision.


Bad credit mobile phones are phone deals that cater to a specific part of the market. As you can glean from its name, these phone contract options are for customers with bad credit. These types of deals exist primarily to offer mobile users alternatives when major providers refuse their applications because of their bad credit scores. To check out the best deals on bad credit phones available in the market today, a variety of options are available to view here.


When applying for a bad credit phone, the requirements you need to meet are pretty minimal. In most cases, you’ll just need to meet the basics such as being of legal age and a UK resident. You will also be required to prove that you can afford the monthly payments to get approved quickly. You’ll basically just need to provide proof of income along with other important documents to be eligible for a bad credit phone contract.


Bad credit phones come with a number of advantages for mobile users. Just like a typical phone contract deal, you have the chance to choose your own handset. In addition, you also get to pick a bundle plan that you can tailor to meet your call, text and data usage. The fact that there’s no credit check with bad credit phones is the chief advantage that attracts many users to the phone deal. Approval for such as a loan is also really fast. As long as you have all the requirements ready, you can get approved within hours, receive your phone via mail and use it immediately once activated.



Bad credit phones are not all advantages, however. There are a few downsides to keep in mind when shopping around for bad credit phones. Because the deals are specific for people with bad credit, high-end handsets such as the latest releases of the year may not be available for you to choose from.

Another matter of concern is the cost. While your credit score won’t affect your application’s approval, it can still affect the cost of your phone contract deal. Obviously, you are likely to end up with a more costly monthly fee than if you have a good credit history.

To apply or not?

Now that you have the most salient of information about bad credit phones, the next step is to ask this: Should you apply for a bad credit phone or not? We wouldn’t be able to tell you yes or no. But what we can tell you instead is to base your decision on your needs and financial circumstance. As long as you can afford the monthly payments and the phone deal is a perfect fit for your needs then by all means, go for it.