How to choose your Mobile Phone’s Operating System


With so many phones to choose, new features to compare and existing phone contract deals available online, buying a phone is no longer as easy as buying an essential tool for everyday communication. Other than looking at the price or the design of a new phone, you also need to go the extra mile by actually taking your time to choose the right operating system (OS).

So which operating system should you pick? How do you choose an operating system? Hopefully, this guide will help you answer these two key and important questions.


What is an operating system?

An operating system (OS) is the software that supports your phone’s functions. It is initially loaded on your mobile phone so you can perform a variety of tasks and mobile phone operations. Without an OS, your phone wouldn’t run. You cannot play games, browse online or tinker with your phone without it installed.

The OS, at its simplest, is like the heart of your mobile phone. It’s dead when the OS isn’t beating or working. This is also why choosing your OS carefully matters if you want to enjoy the best mobile phone experience.

How do you pick the right operating system?

To pick the right OS to meet your mobile phone usage and needs, you must first get to know the different OS available. There are a number of OS to choose from but we’ll just focus on comparing the three most popular options.

Android is widely popular around the world. It is the software that runs plenty of mobile phones from different manufacturers including Samsung, Nokia, LG, HTC, Lenovo and more. Android has also evolved over the years and the latest version boasts a set of new features that are sure to take user experience to another level.

A huge rival to Android is Apple’s iOS, which you’ll only find on iPhones. Unless you like an iPhone then iOS is not for you as it can take getting used to. If you’re used to iOS’s intuitive interface, however, then choosing an iPhone makes the process of picking an OS a tad easier.

Another option worth considering is Windows Phone. Though not as popular as Android and iOS, Windows Phone caters to a certain market that look for a similar experience they enjoy on their desktop on their mobile phone.. If you want to bring Windows from desktop to mobile then phones that run on Windows Phone are worth looking at.

Which OS should you pick?

Because every mobile user has different needs and preference, there is no one best pick for everyone. Just like with most things in life, you’ll have to pick based on your personal needs and not simply on what the majority says.