9 Best iOS Apps of 2016


If you want to bring your iPhone user experience to the next level, you need the latest set of iOS apps perfect for your iPhone. You don’t have to go through to the trouble browsing Apple’s massive selection of apps. We’ve done the grunt work for you. If you want the best iPhone apps of 2016, check out this list we’ve created.


Though Apple has its own music player and streaming app, there’s just something about Spotify that makes it a must try for music lovers. You can download it for free or you can upgrade to a premium plan so you can enjoy all the perks such as listening to your favourite jams offline without the distractions of ads.


There’s not one app that lets you organise your notes, work on the go and sync jotted down ideas like Evernote. There’s no need to carry bulky notebooks and or worry about pens running out of ink when you have this app installed on your iPhone. Evernote is a free download as well.

Inbox by Gmail

If you have a Gmail account and you want to better organise your inbox, then you need Inbox by Gmail downloaded on your iPhone. The app does not only organise your email but it lets you search and locate the right emails in a breeze. You can also view most info on your phone using the app including flight details, order updates, pictures and more.

Photoshop Fix

If you want to retouch your photo before you post it on social media, you don’t have to go to the trouble of editing said photo on your desktop, You can edit it right on your mobile phone with Photoshop Fix. It features retouching tools such as liquify, heal, smooth and more.


If you’re like most people, you probably don’t remember most of your passwords. Maybe you have a list or a note you constantly check whenever you need to log-in on a certain account. With 1Password, you don’t have to do that anymore.  The mobile app version easily syncs with your desktop making the experience just as seamless as it will ever get.


If you don’t have Snapchat installed on your iPhone yet then you are missing a lot. This year has been good for Snapchat with the user base growing massively. It’s no longer just an app for the millennials but people of all ages are actually enjoying the app. With the filters, effects and other new features of the app, the fun never ends.


Saving money for new shoes or repaying a loan is made easier with the Mint app. It is available to download for free on your iPhone. When you have this installed on your phone, you’ll have all your accounts handy and easily accessible no matter where you’re at and no matter the time of day.


If you’re fond of creating short videos of your day, your vacation or any special occasion, then Magisto is a great app to jumpstart your video making passion. Rather than do most of the work, the app does it for you. It takes numerous video clips and then create an intelligent video for you in a breeze.


Do you know what the number one messaging app in the world is? It’s not Facebook Messenger or Skype. WhatsApp is the best and most popular messaging app and you should have it on your mobile phone. Even after years of great features and a continually growing user base, WhatsApp continues evolve. It’s completely free to download too.