8 Must-Try Android Apps of 2016


With hundreds of thousands of apps in the Google Play Store, choosing the best Android apps can be daunting, exhausting and often confusing. If you need a file manager app, there are dozens to choose from. The same is true if you need a time management app, grocery list, weather app, games, etc. And most of us just don’t have the time to compare different apps. Which is why we have created this list to save you the trouble of spending hours trying one after the other.

Here are the best Android apps we’ve found so far for 2016:

Action Launcher 3

If you love to customize the look and feel of your phone, the Action Launcher 3 is the best launcher app you’ll ever need. With this app, you’ll get a combination of style and customization options including the look of your icons, home screen, wallpaper and app drawer layout.

7 Minute Workout

If you’re looking to lose a few pounds and you’re just starting out with your fitness journey, one of the best health and fitness app for Android is the 7 Minute Workout. The app is based on a scientifically proven workout program where you exercise for 7 minutes, working out the entire body. What’s great about the app is its simplicity yet it also works like a charm and brings results.

Camera360 Ultimate

With plenty of features, hundreds of filters and one-touch fixing tools, the Camera360 Ultimate is a must-try camera app. This is perfect if you love taking snaps and selfies with your phone and you want to edit, retouch and enhance the image without going through too much trouble.

VLC for Android

If you’re the type who watches a huge number of videos especially niche format videos on your Android phone then you need the best video app available. VLC for Android lets you tinker with video settings significantly improving your overall viewing experience.


If you’re a frequent traveller then you need the best GPS and navigation app available for any Android phone and that’s none other than HERE. Whether you need turn-by-turn navigation or satellite imagery, the app does it all for you. But what really sets it apart from other similar apps is the offline feature.


If you want to do more than sending messages with your phone’s messenger app then you might want to consider Dasher. With great features such as allowing you to transfer money to your contacts, Dasher offers a pretty great competition to other messaging apps for Android phones such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. With Dasher, you can also share GIFS as well as YouTube videos.

Google Drive

When it comes to cloud storage, Google Drive is one app you can trust and depend on. Rather than store personal data and info on a hard drive, you’d be better off downloading Google Drive on your phone instead. The app is not only free to download but it also gives away free gigs for extra storage space. And when you have the Google Docs office suite, syncing is a breeze.



If you want to bring more power and pizazz to your music listening, Poweramp is one app worth trying. The app lets you tinker with settings such as bass, treble and much more. It has a lot of customization options to offer which allow users to enjoy a more personalized and customised music listening experience. Poweramp is perfect if your phone’s basic music player just isn’t doing the job.